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After your child is born, naturally you want to take him or her along with you in the safest, but also most comfortable manner possible. When used together with the EasyFix Base, the reliable Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix is a safe and easy way to transport your child by car. Simply click the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix onto the EasyFix Base and you’re ready to go anywhere.

What is Isofix?
Isofix is one of the safest systems available for attaching child car seats, guaranteeing protection for your child.

Its outstanding safety benefits and features include:
Fast and easy installation and removal ? no need for seat belts
Solid and permanent connection between the car seat and the car body
Instant visual and/or sound warning if the car seat is not installed correctly
Proven to be outstandingly safe in tests
Superior head and neck protection
Will not work loose (as can be the case with seat belt attachment)
Much more difficult to fit incorrectly (unlike seat belt attachment)
Isofix is standardised worldwide and was developed in partnership with the automotive industry. Almost all new cars are fitted with the Isofix system. The name Isofix stands for ISO (International Standardisation Organisation) plus ‘Fix’

How does Isofix work?
Simply click your Isofix-compatible car seat or base into position and secure it to the two Isofix anchorage points in the car. The Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix (FamilyFix, group 0+/1) is also equipped with a third support leg. The support leg is important as it not only adds stability to the base, but also limits rotation in case of an accident. Easily in height adjustable, making sure it rests firmly on the car floor.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is Isofix safe than installing with a car seat belt?

A: If installed properly, a Maxi-Cosi car seat is the safest in its class. The IsoFix method prevents incorrect installation of the car seat, but is no safer than when the seat is installed using the traditional method. IsoFix prevents incorrect installation because a colour indicator (red or green) is used to indicate the correct installation of various parts.

Q: Why does the Maxi-Cosi need a support leg to support the Isofix base?

A: This support leg serves several functions. The support leg prevents the car seat from rotating (tipping) in the event of an accident. If the support leg is not used, the car seat may be pushed so far into the seat of the car during a front-end collision that the child will be thrown forward and may even hit the front seat or dashboard. The support leg is equipped with an indicator that shows whether the installation is correct. All Group 0+ and Group 1 Isofix products from Maxi-Cosi have indicators so that you can immediately see whether the car seat has been installed correctly. The indicators are located on the steel Isofix anchor points and the support leg: a green colour appears if the support leg is adjusted properly. The Isofix products from Maxi-Cosi rank among the very best and safest car seats on the market. The Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix with EasyFix base has received the highest possible rating of five stars. Your child is guaranteed optimal safety with our Isofix products.

What makes Maxi-Cosi products so special?

Over many years Maxi-Cosi have been innovating, designing and producing the safest, most practical and comfortable products available. Over almost 30 years, Maxi-Cosi has maintained its leading position as pioneer in safety, technology and ergonomic innovation.

Continuous research to find out what parents really want and need guarantees that Maxi-Cosi brings you the most advanced concepts in car seat safety. They are not satisfied to merely comply to legal safety standard. That’s why all of their car seats are tested in excess of the safety requirements: they are safer than the legal standards say child car seats should be. Maxi-Cosi seats are renowned for their excellence in comfort for your child and extreme ease of use for parents.

  • Weight: 9.8kg

Why Buy Me?
  • 5 star rating for safety
  • Can be installed with either the Isofix connection points or the car’s three-point seat belt
  • Colours indicators to confirm correct fitting
  • Easily adjustable support leg
  • Maxi-Cosi EasyFix base makes it quick & easy to install the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix baby car seat
  • The belt tensioner ensures a secure installation
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