Lansinoh Natural Wave Teat – Medium Flow 2pk


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50 years of extensive research revealed that a baby’s sucking style consists of 3 key steps: latching on, peristaltic tongue movement (wave-like motion of the tongue) and swallowing. It also became apparent that a baby needed to be able to perform the peristaltic tongue movement in order to encourage natural oral and jaw development.

The peristaltic movement is a smooth wave-like motion of the baby?s tongue, compressing the mother?s nipple to extract milk. With a wide base, the NaturalWave teat encourages a wider latch-on, similar to the baby?s natural latch that mimics the same tongue movement and aid moving easily from breast to bottle and back again. Super soft and flexible for optimal compression, this 100% silicone teat allows your precious little one to employ the natural sucking rhythm.

As recommended by health professionals, the NaturalWave teat has a gradual slope for improved suction, while the teat?s structure is strengthened with innovative inner vertical ridges to make it collapse resistant so baby can enjoy a comfortable feed. For peace of mind, the Air Ventilation System reduces intake of air, a potential cause of colic. To meet your precious little one?s changing needs, the NaturalWave teats are available in slow, medium and fast flows.

Why Buy Me?
  • 100% silicone, soft and flexible for quick and easy latch on
  • Air Ventilation System (AVS) reduces intake of gas
  • BPA and BPS free
  • Clinically tested to reduce nipple preference in established breastfed babies
  • Enables baby to switch easily from breast to bottle and back again
  • Encourages natural oral development
  • Natural Wave Teat – Medium Flow 2pk
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