Grobag 0-4 months 0.2 TOG Snuggle (Little Pip)


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Little Pip is ready for bed! Your little one will look adorable snoozing in the all over panda print with shooting stars plus you can choose arms in for a swaddle or arms out for a newborn sleep bag. The Grobag Snuggle (previously the Grosnug) is the easiest way to transition your precious little one from sleeping in a newborn swaddle to a sleeping bag. The soft, snuggly swaddle allows you to choose whether your child sleeps arms in or arms out, making it the perfect sleepwear when your little one is happy to self soothe.

The Grobag Snuggle is available 2 sizes. 0-4 months suitable for 7?13lbs / 3.17?6.12kg (51-62cm) 3-9 months 12-19.2lbs / 5.4-8.6kg (60-71cm).

Little ones will sleep soundly in our *colour* Sleep Snuggles sleeping bag and the colour scheme will fit perfectly into any nursery. The new hourglass shape, easy wrap swaddle, with no complicated fastenings, and guide to what to wear under your baby?s swaddle helps you keep them at just the right level of cosiness. Pop open both the armholes together, or transition one arm at a time

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges the Grobag Swaddle Wrap as a hip-healthy product when used as directed. The design helps to ensure that baby?s legs are in a natural froggy-legged position when sleeping which is so important for correct hip development.

Why Buy Me?
  • 2-way easy change zip – Night time nappy changes made simple
  • Hip healthy
  • New hourglass shape
  • Suitable from 0-4 months / 7-13lbs
  • Swaddling helps baby feel snug and secure and suppresses the startle reflex
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