Dreambaby Chelsea Xtra-Tall & Xtra-Wide Hallway Auto-Close Gate (Black)


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Dreambaby? Chelsea Xtra-Tall & Xtra-Wide Hallway Auto-Close Security Gates are not only extra tall at 1m (39.5′), but extra wide too! Fitting openings 97.5-106 cm (38-41.5′). They are perfect for larger openings around the home, making it easier than ever to help protect your children from danger. Gates are perfect for hallways, doorways, and stairways, preventing your children from entering potentially dangerous areas of the home.

It’s so much easier to use a gate than to hide every possible dangerous object out of reach – you can have the safety, without the stress!

Gates are pressure-mounted, which means fuss-free installation and are perfect for most homes ? whether houses or apartments.

Extensions are available in 100cm (39′), 63cm (24.5′), 54cm (21′), 45cm (17.5′), 36cm (14′), 27cm (10.5′),18cm (7′) and 9cm (3.5′) options.

For security, all mounting cups MUST be screwed into place regardless of where it is to be used.

  • Gate height 100cm tall
  • Suitable for openings between 97.5-106 cm (38-41.5′)


Why Buy Me?
  • A maximum of four extensions (two per side) can be used to extend openings up to 5.02m (198.5′)
  • Available in stylish black or white
  • Block off areas of your home rather than having to move potentially dangerous objects out of reach
  • Gates open both ways
  • One-handed easy opening system
  • Too high for even the most highly spirited children to climb over and too difficult for them to open
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