Babymoov Turbo Pure Steriliser and Baby Bottle Dryer


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The only steriliser that ensures you drying your bottles in a totally sterile environment thanks to its purifying function ‘Pure Drying’ that eliminate 99% of pollutants in the heart of baby bottles (mites, allergens, viruses ..).

More than a steriliser and baby bottle dryer, a real health prevention for baby

‘For the first 6 months, your baby’s immune system is immature, so make sure you protect it properly from the pathogenic bacteria that thrive on wet baby bottles that dry in the open air’

How does it work?

Maintaining the benefits of sterilisation requires drastic hygiene conditions that only pure Turbo guarantees. Thanks to the HEPA filter, purified hot air is propelled at 95′ to the heart of baby bottles. An air released 99% of the most resistant bacteria (viruses, mites, allergens …), your bottles will remain sterile during storage under the bell.

Step: 1

Fill your steriliser with water.

Step: 2

Arrange up to 6 bottles or breast pumps, teats and other accessories.

Step: 3

All in one: start the complete cycle with the intuitive LCD touch screen.

The +:

unlike other sterilisers on the market, leave your bottles under sterile bell for 24 hours without any risk of contamination.


you are quiet for a year thanks to a 2nd HEPA filter included (to easily replace every 6 months).

How does Turbo Pure Drying work?

Bottles that dry in the open air can carry germs and expose babies to infectious risks. Remember that their immune system is particularly vulnerable in the first 6 months. That’s why all in one steriliser and turbo bottle steriliser brings The drying solution in a sterile environment. It eliminates 99% of polluting bacteria in the air. Unlike other market sterilisers that do not realise an automatic and purifying drying.

Step: 1

Your all-in-one cycle has been launched and is naturally linked with the drying function

Step: 2

The purified hot air is circulated in a circular way in the heart of the baby bottles

Step: 3

The stop is automatic and does not require your intervention to simplify your life.

The + :

All in 1 avoids the step of transferring bottles sterilised on a bottle-drying and preserves the hygiene conditions recommended by the medical profession.

How does Turbo Pure simplify your life?

Universal : Do you like to cook baby pots? You bought him a ring to relieve his sore gums? You made the choice to give him a lollipop? Simply sterilise and dry your accessories in the Turbo Pure thanks to the removable rods!

Large capacity :

Position up to 6 bottles at the same time in your Turbo Pure Steriliser and Bottle Dryers.

Clever :

‘the trick is played in one go’ without manipulation and without risk of contamination

Why Buy Me?
  • Attacks unpleasant odours and calcium build-ups from milk
  • Baby bottles are completely hygienic in an ultra-purified environment
  • Practical storage within a purified environment for 24 hours
  • Practical storage within a purified environment for 24 hours
  • Purifying drying within 30, 45 or 60 mins
  • Purifying ‘Pure Drying’ function to protect bottles from humidity and eliminate 99% of airborne pollutants such as dust mites, allergens, certain viruses and mould.
  • Sterilises in 8 minutes, eliminating even the most resistant bacteria
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