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Before the age of 3, children may need a little help in unblocking their nose. With the Babymoov suction nasal aspirator, it couldn’t be easier and more hygienic for parents to do this.

Suction nasal aspirators often work more effectively as they have much better suction power than other nasal aspirators like bulb aspirators.


Squeeze one or two drops of saline into each nostril. The saline alone may ease your child’s congestion a little. Gently position the nasal tip of the aspirator. Flexible and non-invasive, it slides easily into the nostril. Gently suck to clear your baby’s nose. We recommend applying suction for longer bursts but not strongly. The filter blocks the mucus and collects in the chamber so there is no risk of any mucus entering the parent’s mouth. Repeat the procedure for the other nostril.

Practical and hygienic, the Babymoov aspirator comes in a carry case with an additional nasal tip. It is easy to disassemble and hand-wash with soap and water. It can also be steam-sterilized.

Easy, comfortable and ergonomic, the Babymoov nasal aspirator is the most effective solution for cleaning your baby’s nose gently.


Why Buy Me?
  • Built-in sanitising filter
  • Flexible, ergonomic nasal tip to fit the tiniest nostrils
  • Hygienic suction mechanism with patented separate mucus collection chamber
  • Suitable for steam sterilizers
  • Supplied in a little cotton marl case with two nasal tips included
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